Growth & Development

Personal Growth and Development at DZH Phillips

We celebrate our team members by developing their talents and allowing them to grow both as individuals and professionals. We believe in continuous learning, so all training, recruiting, and client relations involve the leadership team in order to facilitate a mentoring atmosphere. While we have a team culture, every day is an opportunity for you to shine as an individual—to stand out for who you are and what you bring to the team. We applaud critical thinkers, creative minds and the ability to apply original concepts to action. With this in mind, we embrace meritocracy, where promotion is based on merit versus seniority.

We are proud to have founded DZH Phillips University, where we conduct in-depth training to address more than the technical aspects of our professional lives. As part of our university training, we work to develop well-rounded business leaders by teaching marketing and business development skills, business understanding, leadership, and management skills. We support our professionals in attending conferences and other external development programs.

Most employees place upward mobility and promotion opportunities as a key factor to professional satisfaction. We provide ample opportunities to advance, be in a variety of leadership roles, and progress in the firm as one grows in both skill and ability. We ensure that each team member has a career development action plan and throughout the year is provided real time feedback and support to achieve individual and department goals.