Part II: How to Meet Your Fundraising Goals with Technology

In part two of our discussion with our millennial panel, we dive into the benefits of technology and introduce new tactics that will help you to create a successful fundraising campaign.  In part one of this two part series, “Building a Young Professionals Board for Your Nonprofit” we discussed a how-to strategy on getting millennials involved with nonprofits.


Generating Ticket Sales

Depending on your demographic, choosing the right social media platform will be key when creating and implementing any fundraising campaign for your organization. One of our panelists stated that Facebook was their number one ticket sales generator, even when paying for ads on multiple platforms and posting on twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook was the front runner year after year. Posting relatable messages and images which tie back to your organization will also be helpful when engaging an audience on social media.

Another great way to engage your target audience and to gain more traction is to hold a social-sharing meeting with your board.  This is becoming a common practice for some organizations, where they ask members to meet and bring their laptops for an evening event, providing refreshments and food. Everyone is then asked to share the same posts on their social media channels and ask their peers to “like” the organizations page. The results of a social share meeting can be extremely beneficial, resulting in more followers or ticket sales to fundraising events.


Big Data

Historical data is impactful if you have it. A proper data source would indicate patterns such as ticket sales and the ability to segment your audience by age, location, spending patterns and more. If you do have a young professional’s board, this is a great opportunity to tap into your resources and gain assistance from your members, as data and technology are ever-changing, it’s a great way to hone in on the latest tools available. Big data would help you to streamline your donor base in order to best strategize how to reach your donors.

When using applications such Eventbrite or Venmo, you have access to your organizations history and analytics. By accessing these reports within the application, you can indicate just how people are clicking to your event page. Additionally, find out the best times to post on social media. For example, perhaps mid-week at noon is the best time to reach your followers on Facebook. If you have some specific insight it will help you to be more targeted in your efforts and thusly make a noticeable impact.



“Can I Venmo You?” This is often the question many organizations will hear as we continue to shift into mobile-payment. When asking people to donate via web or mobile, make sure the transaction is a seamless and quick process. The easier you can make it to collect donations, the easier it will be to receive donations. Most people want two clicks of a button and done! If your website is difficult to maneuver and your donations pages is hard to find, it’s more than likely that people won’t go digging for it. Be sure to have a donations form on your home page, and possibly even each web page throughout.

There are multiple marketing efforts made available to nonprofits to help them gain more followers, donations and attention. The biggest hurdle will be the implementation and follow-through with using today’s tools and technology that’s available. With the help of a younger generation that’s vastly keyed into these resources, it’s a great way to get more people involved and to meet your organization’s goals!