Part I: Building a Young Professionals Board for Your Nonprofit

We asked three millennials, who are impacting nonprofit organizations in a big way, to sit down with us and a room full of nonprofit leaders to help uncover the benefit of millennial involvement and how to get them to join philanthropic movements.

Our panelists were:

  • Daniella Vallurupalli, Board Chair of the Saint Francis Foundation Associates’ young professionals nonprofit group that supports the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
  • Matthew Goldman, Principal at G2 Insurance Services and Board member of the Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, the Stern Grove Festival Association and advisory board member of UC Berkeley’s Center for Social Sector Leadership within the Haas School of Business
  • Brigid Riley, Individual Giving Manager at the Boys & Girls Clubs of SF

Moderated by:

  • Christina Rossetti, Tax Supervisor at DZH Phillips and member of the GirlVentures’ Ambassadors Circle

They advised us that nonprofits need to focus on the following to get high levels of engagement from the millennial generation. In part one of this two part blog series, we uncover the steps of how to build a young professionals board and how to implement fundraising programs that are best suited for this board.

Establish Your Goals

Get together with your organization and current board to strategize a recruitment plan, goals and events that you would like to see your young professionals group conquer over the upcoming year. Set goals of what you want in regard to fundraising, volunteering and event attendance. Creating a young professionals board or committee will bring new energy to the room.

Recruit Young Professionals

Your board members should each bring something different to the table and it’s sometimes necessary to overlook experience, as passion and motivation can outweigh previous board experience. Utilizing your current networks could be your best asset.  Reach out to your board members and corporate sponsors and ask if they could recommend any interested candidates. It’s important to instill a sense of belonging and comfort, as younger generations may get intimidated by long-time board members, given their current social and professional status and experience.  Reinstate that no matter what their backgrounds are, they can create a big impact for a great cause.

Give/Get Programs

A great deal of Millennials are working for startups which are either boot-strapped or thriving, either way, try to find ways to include all levels of professionals and businesses in order to be the most successful. Fundraising programs that are tailored to your young professionals group will be key when trying to achieve your goals. Offering multiple ways that your board or committee can give, such as a give/get program, allows your members to either give or get, for example, $1,000, which then creates the opportunity to either donate the full or partial amount, or fundraise to meet their goal. Strategizing fun and interactive fundraising events such as half-marathons, hikes or beach volleyball is a great way to boost relationships and meet your board’s circle of friends, which could additionally help with future recruitment. Lastly, creating competitions for your board is another great way to boost energy and raise funds.

“We value experiences.” – Matthew Goldman

We would like to thank our panelists for sharing their insight and experiences. In part II of this series we will discuss the impact of technology amongst millennials and nonprofits.