Industries Overview

DZH Phillips works with clients in a broad range of markets and industries. We are proud of the diversity of our client base, and of the profound expertise our partners, principals, and senior managers bring to their professional relationships. With a wide array of clients in markets such as nonprofit organizations, professional services firms, manufacturing, technology, individuals and families, real estate, financial services, and retail, you’ll find that we bring the right combination of technical proficiency and industry knowledge, providing services that are both well-rounded and well-pointed.

Construction and Engineering

At DZH Phillips, we understand the challenges facing the construction and engineering industries and will work hard to accelerate your growth and success. As your trusted advisor, we will address your concerns and keep you informed on the latest accounting and tax regulations and best practices tailored to your business.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies need an advisor that can align with their needs and help to navigate pressing issues. We have an extensive history of working with consumer product clients from a broad spectrum of sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, wholesale and retail. Within those industries, a large portion of our clients are within the food and beverage industry.

Financial Services

Investment advisers have a primary objective of maximizing investment returns for their clients and partners. We understand the potential quandaries that come with managing investor funds as well as your unique responsibility to these individuals and entities.

Nonprofit Organizations

At DZH Phillips we understand the special challenges facing nonprofit organizations. Our full-service offerings include audit, review, and compilation services, agreed-upon procedures and consulting engagements, outsourced CFO and controllership services, tax compliance, and forensic accounting services.

Professional Service Firms

Although the services they provide differ from business to business, most professional service firms operate under a similar structure and are subject to many of the same accounting and management concerns.

Real Estate

Through better asset protection and cost reduction tools, our seasoned experts will help your real estate business become more financially secure, regardless of the business climate. We understand the importance of navigating hidden costs, improving your cash flow and employing the various taxation issues to maximize your anticipated profits.


Our clients include privately-held enterprises, on the life-cycle continuum located anywhere between the company’s formation to full maturity stage. We like growing with our clients, and supporting them in their growth and development.