Nonprofit Organizations

Working with Nonprofit Organizations

At DZH Phillips we understand the special challenges facing nonprofit organizations. We have an extensive history of working with nonprofit clients from a broad spectrum of sectors, including:

  • Associations
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Independent Schools
  • Private Foundations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Retirement Communities
  • Social Service Organizations

Our full-service offerings include audit, review, and compilation services, agreed-upon procedures and consulting engagements, outsourced CFO and controllership services, tax compliance, and forensic accounting services.

Serving our nonprofit community has always been at the forefront of DZH Phillips’ way of life. Because of this commitment, we have created our Nonprofit Services Team, which is comprised of a group of individuals from staff through partner level. Having a team dedicated to serving nonprofit organizations provides our clients with industry knowledge regarding the issues your organization is facing, from both an operational and financial standpoint. Our team works in a collaborative manner with your organization to provide tailored best practices, guidance, and advice.

For more information, please contact your Non Profit advisor or Janet Holland at (415) 655-6245 and


Nonprofit associations are typically formed to promote legislation or to provide common education of members, training programs, or exchange of ideas. There are different types of associations, perhaps the most common being professional associations. Depending on the type, size, and status of the group, there are certain accounting and compliance requirements, including tax implications for lobbying and the need for an annual financial statement audit. DZH Phillips has worked with a number of associations in the areas of environmental training and certification, conservation, business communications, and real estate.


We provide quarterly webinars and seminars on subjects that are beneficial, time-relevant, and useful to the management, audit committees, and boards of the nonprofit community. Training topics include technical topics as well as topics to assist organizations in discharging governance and fiscal responsibility. You can learn more about our upcoming events here.

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Additionally, we are actively involved with industry conferences and speak regularly on panels related to nonprofit-related topics.

Giving Back

We volunteer our time through board service and encourage this involvement as part of our way of life. Almost all of our managers and partners sit on one or more nonprofit boards. Additionally, our firm is proud of the efforts of our Give Back committee, which provides a vehicle for employees firm-wide to get involved with our surrounding communities and donate our time and expertise. View some recent activities.

Independent Schools

Independent schools must be focused upward and outward as they assess their vision and address the families they serve. DZH Phillips understands the special challenges facing our clients.

Our team members partner with you to address funding sources, donor reporting charitable giving and board issues that may arise. In our every interaction, we focus on the bottom line so you can keep looking forward and focus on your school’s growth.

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Schools have unique accounting requirements that differ from other business’ needs. Considerations such as contract labor, scholarship awards and endowment funds; along with vastly different budget-planning processes driven by tuition projections, are what keep school administrators up at night.

DZH Phillips has an established presence among independent schools. Members of our audit team bring deep operational experience to their clients, having directly worked with primary and secondary schools through board service and with prior experience as a private school business manager. We understand your timeline, constraints and concerns; and because of our in-depth personal experience, we can impart a fresh perspective to our audit client.

Private Foundations

A highly effective vehicle for significant philanthropy, private foundations differ depending on the size of their assets, their administration, and the causes they support. DZH Phillips works with private foundations ranging in size from $15 million to $100 million in assets. We have experience with family foundations as well as larger foundations that are aligned with a particular cause or organization, such as a hospital foundation. Our services for private foundations include: filing required annual information returns and performing financial audits; consultation with regard to political campaign activity and other factors that can affect a foundation’s tax-exempt status; and guidance regarding changes to a foundation’s mission or purpose.

Religious Organizations

DZH Phillips serves religious organizations of various denominations. We are familiar with complex organizational structures as well as simple standalone entities. We work with religious organizations to maintain proper internal controls in environments where trust is high and staffing is limited. Services we perform for religious organizations include audits, reviews, compilations, agreed-upon procedures, internal control consulting engagements, and forensic accounting services. If required, we prepare federal and state information returns.

Retirement Communities

DZH Phillips has experience working with retirement communities and health care entities from independent living to multi-level, continuing care, and life care facilities. We understand the challenges of rising costs, regulatory changes, Medicare and MediCal cuts, staffing issues, and changing demographics. We are committed to serving as your trusted advisors, providing audit and tax services, best practices guidance, and advice.

Social Service Organizations

Whether they’re serving the homeless, assisting veterans with job placement, or stocking the pantry at a local food bank, social service organizations are the backbone of today’s social services network. These organizations rely heavily on donations from individuals, corporate and foundation grants, and government funding, often necessitating an audit in accordance with government auditing standards and the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). We bring extensive experience to our work with social service organizations and are especially well-versed in working with organizations that receive a combination of city, state, and federal funding.

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If you are a social service organization, have diverse operations, and face a variety of complex financial reporting issues, including grant accounting, complex endowments, fair value measurements, overhead allocation, and functional expenses, we are the firm for you. We are committed to serving you as your trusted advisors.