Small Business

Small Business Finance Services

There isn’t just one mold in which all small businesses fit; they range from start-ups to sole proprietorships to new or established businesses, with $1 million or less in annual revenue and five or fewer employees. With so much variety, small businesses have unique compliance and tax planning needs. We can provide you with business advisory services, including:

  • Tax services
  • Best legal form for your business
  • Potential business structures
  • Business deductions
  • Tax minimization
  • Home-office deductions

Our Bridgeway Outsourced Accounting team can advise regarding:

  • Evaluation of your borrowing power and potential sources of capital
  • Development of a cash flow budget
  • Billing and collection procedures
  • Cost control
  • Recommended small business vendors

We can also connect you with other business advisors who can assist with: partnership agreements, payroll and payroll tax filing, employment law compliance, and state and local tax permit filing.