Past Webinars

Construction Revenue Recognition Webinar

Revenue Recognition Update Part Two – Construction & Engineering Companies


In part two of our Revenue Recognition Webinar Series we will review how the new revenue recognition guidance will impact construction and engineering companies. Failure to understand the new standards could result in improper revenue recognition directly impacting financial performance. This could have a cascading effect on areas such as loan covenants, taxes, surety requirements and […]

Bookshelf with binders Webinar

Webinar: OMB Implementation Guidance for Nonprofits


Join Partners, Janet Holland and Hydeh Ghaffari, as they break down OMB (Office of Management and Budget) implementation guidelines. OMB combines a handful of requirements with the intent to streamline the federal grant-making and monitoring process in order to ease administrative burden for grant applicants and recipients, and to reduce the risk of waste, fraud and abuse.

View of ocean Webinar

The ABCs of Retirement Withdrawal Strategies


Are you truly prepared for your dream retirement? The key to making your savings last isn’t just what you have — it’s how well you manage your cash flow. Join our next OneBite™ Webinar with the DZH Phillips Wealth Management team to learn how you can make the most of your money and achieve the retirement […]

Revenue management Webinar

Smart Business Education Series – Exploring the New Revenue Recognition Standard, How it Will Impact Your Business and the Roadmap to Implementation


In this webinar we will explore the New Revenue Recognition Standard, how it will impact your business and the roadmap to implementation. This new Standard eliminates the transaction-and industry-specific revenue recognition guidance, and is part of the principles-based approach. The Standard becomes effective in 2018 for publicly traded companies (in 2019 for privately-held companies). Our […]

401k planning Webinar

Knowing Your Options: A 403(b) vs. 401(k) Plan Comparison


Since 1996, certain nonprofits have had a choice on whether to offer a 403(b) or a 401(k) as their retirement plan. However, many plans have not made any changes to improve their plan design, cost efficiency or investment options. Our webinar will explore the differences between these two types of plans and help you evaluate […]

Tax Accountants Webinar

Tax-Efficient Investing: 5 Ways You Can Keep More of What You Earn


What can take a big bite out of even the best investment returns? Taxes. Join us for the next segment of our OneBite Webinar™ series, where you’ll see just how much taxes can drag down investment growth, and discover strategies that can help you achieve next-level tax efficiency, today. DZH Phillips Wealth Management is proud […]