Past Webinars

The Future of Fiduciary: What You Should Know Now


The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)’s investment fiduciary rule for retirement plan advice is back in the news again — but this time, it’s not the prospect of the rule, but its fate that is in question. What could a world without the fiduciary rule mean for your organization’s retirement plan, whether it be a […]

Form 990 Schedule C: Mastering Complex Reporting of Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities


Schedule C, Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities are required for exempt organizations that engage in political and lobbying activities. In practice, it can be challenging to discern how an organization should report to the IRS. Our panel will provide nonprofit advisers with a comprehensive guide to reporting on Schedule C.  Topics include: How to identify […]


Is Your Policy Up to PAR? Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance


A policy review can protect your loved ones for life. It’s why you purchased life insurance in the first place: to prepare your family for the unexpected. But simply having a policy isn’t enough — people who “set and forget” their life insurance assets may be missing out on valuable opportunities to cut costs and […]

Stack of information booklets Webinar

2017 Nonprofit Accounting and Tax Updates


Partner, Janet Holland and Director of Tax Exempt Organizations, Deborah Kaminski will walk you through the upcoming accounting and tax updates for your nonprofit. Your key takeaways from this webinar will be the following: Learn about significant accounting and tax updates affecting nonprofit organizations in 2017 Gain insight on the most recent standards and rules affecting […]

Key performance indicators Webinar

Key Performance Indicators and Value Creation – Best Ways to Utilize Financial Data to Enhance Business Value


Why are Key Performance Indicators important for Consumer Goods companies? What are KPI’s and how can they help in enhancing your business performance and, therefore, drive your business’ value up? Please join Sherlice Nichols and Larisa Rapoport, as they discuss this topic and present a case study that is easily implementable within your business.

Business planning Webinar

Fiscal Responsibilities of Board Members


Janet Holland, Partner and Kevin O’Connell, Audit Manager discuss the importance of the role of a board member, such as governing the organization to ensure that it is mission focused and fiscally responsible. It is imperative that board members receive the right financial information about the organization in a timely manner and be able to […]